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Helping Support Florida Educators

It’s our mission to help & support educators with everything from classroom materials to information, support, and specialist training. Reducing their stress increases while increasing their knowledge and performance.

Support Teachers

Most teachers have multiple jobs and spend up to $2000 out of their own pocket every year. Gift for Educators’ plan is to help alleviate the additional strain on them, provide supplies, and raise funds for the cause.

Help Students

By helping teachers, we naturally help students. We also offer specialized helped for teachers dealing with children with specialized needs. Ultimately, they will reap the benefits of our work.

Comfort Parents

Our goals extend beyond just teachers and students. We want parents to feel comfortable knowing their children are getting the best education they possibly can.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help and support educators with specialist training, information, support, and classroom materials thereby reducing stress while increasing educators’ knowledge and student performance.

Together We Can Help!

Funding & Education

Research shows school funding impacts students’ learning in several areas. Underfunded schools have overcrowded classrooms, outdated technology and textbooks, and limited supplies. Because of understaffing, many administrators and teachers take on multiple roles to save money. The result is a less than desirable learning environment and limited attention to each student. Those with neurodiversities  are expected to navigate the educational system without the consideration they need. More often than not, teachers and educators are not equipped to deal or communicate with students with symptoms of neurodiversities whether it is ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome, dyslexia, or other disorder. Our main goal is to train educators to recognize these signs and approach students in a healthy manner.


- Our Events -

Upcoming Events

Fundraising Event

Look for the future fundraising events we will be hosting to help support local educators and students get supplies for the school year. We will partner with local businesses to organize these events.

Coffee & Networking

We invite Teachers and Homeschoolers to come sip some coffee and talk about all things education with us and others like you at our Coffee & Networking events. Give and receive support, learn, and gain confidence by listening to their experiences and sharing your own.

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Our Core Founding Team


Dianne Zaccheo

-Founder –

Dianne Zaccheo has more than 30 years of experience as an expert in the fields of education and mental health. She is passionate about improving the lives of students and educators. Dianne started “Gift for Educators” because of her insider’s understanding of the complexities and difficulties that exist for teachers and educators. Her goal is to bring them a gift: her hands-on knowledge, extensive experience, and training. She gives her insight into recognizing and working with special or challenging students, particularly those with neurodiversities.

Dianne holds degrees from Boston University [Social Work, MSW LCSW], Kantor Family Institute [Family Therapy], and the University of Leicester.

matt gift4edu

Matt Mazzone

– Head of Operations-

As a student with ADHD and dyslexia, Matthew supports this charity wholeheartedly. Nothing like Gift for Educators was available when Matt was growing up. He knows it would have made a substantial difference to him, his teachers, and his educational outcomes.

Matt’s teachers did not know how to work with him, so he left and got a job. He later completed school and went on to college. Now, he is fully committed to this charity, heightened by his own experience. He is excited and dedicated to playing a large role in making this charity a success by helping lead the organization and its volunteers. He is looking forward to the complete success that the charity is destined to be.

What They Say


See what people who have worked with Dianne & Gift For educators have to say about her expertise!

As a teacher who works specifically with students with ADHD, Autism and related disorders it can be difficult to get the specific training you need to best help these children . With Dianne I found a professional who could support me and mentor me in growing. Thank you so much Dianne at Gift for Educators, your help has been much appreciated!

    Martha Hunter
    Martha Hunter


    I’ve always had a strong passion to teach, but within my first year of teaching I quickly became highly stressed, burnt out, and wanted to quit. However with the support I received from Dianne at Gift For Educators both financially in the classroom and educational resource wise, I am proudly still teaching today.

      Frances Britt
      Frances Britt


      While I consider myself to be an experienced educator, I admit that dealing with challenged kids can still be very difficult for me at times. Working with Diane has really helped improve my approach, effectiveness & confidence when dealing with students with neurodiversity.

        Shirley Bissett
        Shirley Bissett


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